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South Carolina Squirrel Hunters Association
Family Day
Hunters Rights in South Carolina
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2009 USDR World Hunt
2010 NKC State Hunt
2010 USDR Hunt
2011 Youth Hunt

South Carolina Squirrel Hunters Association


We are currently in the process of updating our website. Look for us to bring you the last hunt results, new pictures, and announcements, including announcements regarding our last meeting.

We are glad you searched and found our website! We hope you enjoy our site and will tell all your hunting buddies about it. We are looking for a few good members and would like to extend our invitation to you. Remember get those dogs out of the pen and into the woods. Enjoy!

If you enjoy hunting, fellowship, and listening to tall tales,then you have come to the right place. We are just some good old boys and girls who enjoy the outdoors and our dogs. So if this sounds like you then we would be glad to have you visit and maybe even join.

We hope you'll find the information you need on this site about our association and what we are all about. We look forward to meeting with you.



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This is what it is all about folks! Keep those kids interested folks! Take one Make one!

Eudy's Cricket at 2003-2004 USDR World Hunt
Cricket was our Dog of the Year winner

South Carolina Squirrel Hunter's Association
Whitmire, SC

President Butch Pressley
Phone (864) 923-4419
Treasurer Fred Spivey
Phone (803) 271-2964
Vice President Jerry Pressley

South Carolina Squirrel Hunter's Assoc EMAIL

Please feel free to jump into the forum and post your questions or comments as we would greatly appreciate the communication. Feel free to contact us at anytime if you have questions or comments about the association or site.

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